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solid state relay

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is widely used in temperature control, light control, composite switches and various non-insulated AC switches and other occasions.


(1) Zero crossing trigger. Wide control power supply voltage range (5-32VDC).

(2) Imported square chips, advanced chip support boards are used, and the special welding process ensures that the welding layer has no voids and is more reliable in use.

(3) Adopting DCB board and other advanced thermal insulation materials, the thermal conductivity is good, and the thermal conductive bottom plate is not charged to ensure safe use.

(4) Using advanced packaging materials, it has better anti-riot and moisture-proof performance and a more beautiful appearance.

(5) The number of thermal cycle loads is nearly 10 times higher than the national standard, and the service life is long.

Solid state relay general parameters

(1) The working frequency f is 50Hz;

(2) The control power supply voltage range is related to the main circuit input voltage. When the input voltage is 220V, VCON = 5~32VDC, when the input voltage is 380V, VCON = 6~32VDC;

(3) Control current: when the control voltage is 5~32 VDC, the current ICON≤6.3 mA, when the control voltage is 6~32 VDC, the current ICON≤9.6 mA.

(4) Module insulation voltage VISO(RMS)≥2500VAC;

(5) Threshold voltage: VTO=0.8~0.9V;

(6) The highest junction temperature of the chip: Tj(max)=125℃;

(7) The critical rate of rise of on-state current di/dt: 100A/μs;

(8) The critical rate of rise of the off-state forward voltage dv/dt: 500V/μs;

(9) Solid state relay allows the highest case temperature TC≤80℃.

Product specifications

name model specification Electrical connection diagram Outline
Three-phase solid state relay SGT-20 20A 380V figure 2 figure 14
SGT-30 30A 380V
SGT-40 40A 380V
SGT-75 75A 380V figure 15
SGT-100 100A 380V figure 2/3 figure 16/17
SGT-150 150A 380V
SGT-200 200A 380V figure 4 figure 18
SGT-260 260A 380V
SGT-300 300A 380V figure 19
SGT-350 350A 380V
SGT-480 480A 380V figure 20
SGT-600 600A 380V
SGT-800 800A 380V
Three-phase solid state relay SGT-1200 1200A  380V figure 4 figure 21
SGT-1600 1600A 80V
Single phase solid state relay DGT2-15 15A 220V figure 8 figure 23
DGT2-20 20A 220V
DGT2-30 30A 220V
DGT2-40 40A 220V
DGT2-50 50A  220V (380V)
DGT2-65 65A  220V (380V)
DGT2-75 75A  220V (380V)
DGT-110 110A 220V (380V) figure 22
DGT-147 147A  220V (380V)
DGT-200 200A  220V (380V) figure 5 figure 15
DGT-300 300A  220V (380V) figure 5/6 figure 16/17


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