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Constant pressure precision control super audio frequency induction heating equipment
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Constant pressure precision control super audio frequency induction heating equipment

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Main model

QY-HYJK-30, QY-HYJK-50, QY-HYJK-60, QY-HYJK-90, QY-HYJK-120, QY-HYJK-160, QY-HYJK-200, etc. Kind of model.

main feature

The latest development, patented technology;

The constant voltage rectifier module is a new energy-saving power device independently developed by our company;

Intelligent thyristor module adopts imported square chip, advanced chip support board, module pressure is reduced, low power consumption, high efficiency, and good power saving effect;

The phase shift trigger mode realizes the precise setting of the voltage and achieves the purpose of constant voltage output;

The control trigger board adopts SMD patch, which has good anti-interference performance and low failure rate;

Proportional linear output, precise control, meeting various load requirements;

Wide range of AC voltage input and output DC voltage can be set arbitrarily from 400V-580V;

The module itself has overvoltage, overcurrent, and lack of equal protection. Coupled with the double protection functions of overcurrent and overvoltage in the inverter part, the failure rate of induction heating equipment is reduced to a minimum;

The working mode can work continuously at full load for a long time, which is suitable for high-intensity work in various occasions.

Application range

In addition to fully meeting the conditions of the existing super audio frequency induction heating equipment, especially for the occasions where the grid voltage is unstable and the ripple coefficient is relatively large, the advantages are more obvious. For brazing steel. Alloy structural steel. Die steel. Special steels such as tungsten and molybdenum materials and steel used in military enterprises have great advantages in heat treatment applications such as heat treatment, quenching, annealing, and tempering.

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